Kwizzad for ADVERTISER 

Through the combination of our unique quiz-based advertising format and enormous reach, we make your mobile campaigns a success. Whether branding or performance, KWIZZAD unifies its many advantages and will prove itself immediately as the solution to all of your digital advertising campaigns. 

Fraud Protected

Our proprietary advertising format effectively prevents bot traffic.

Data Driven Playout 

Comprehensive user insights allow us to offer unlimited targeting options.


Our proprietary advertising format maximises user interaction with your specific brand, up to an average of 3 minutes. That is “market outstanding.”


Every one of our publishers goes through a comprehensive proofing process to ensure we are only publishing the best offers. 

Therefore, it should go without saying: we don’t playout to anonymous sources.

Mobile Net Reach 

Through our own application, our partners and our publishers, we are already addressing over 10 million unique monthly active users

"At Deichmann, we saw a very positive outcome from the advertising effect of the quiz-ad format. We were especially convinced by the 3 minutes of time spent with the brand. We are looking forward to working with TVSMILES a lot more in future!“

Thorsten Hennig, Head of Online Marketing & Social Media Deichmann SE Essen, Deutschland