KWIZZAD for Publishers

KWIZZAD is a native advertising platform that can be easily integrated into any mobile or web application in order to guarantee maximum flexibility in the monetization of your product.

Thanks to our successfully-tested quiz-ad format, KWIZZAD offers you the best monetization options, which serves to turn offerwalls, the procurement of in-app currencies or the activation of digital content into a rewarding and entertaining process.

Thanks to our streamlined SDK and personal consultations, we allow for instant implementation, in order to allow you to concentrate on what’s most important: your product.

The highest CPM's

Our entertaining advertising format increases user interaction and leads to higher conversions.

Therefore, we guarantee only very high CPM's!

No more annoying ads

KWIZZAD increases users’ acceptance of advertising, due to the user interacting with the campaign in a playful way.

Simple integration

Due to our streamlined SDK and personal coaching, we can offer fast and hassle-free implementation.

value campaigns from top brands

Since 2013 we have delivered over 6,000 campaigns for numerous, internationally big brands. 

KWIZZAD necessitates less advertising

Through an increase in proceeds generated through individual advert playouts, KWIZZAD allows for less advertising. Less advertising allows for the user to concentrate on one product, which leads to lower churn rates and a better user experience.

“For us, KWIZZAD arrived at a strategic, opportune moment, right when we were on the look-out for an intelligent solution for our advertising space. With KWIZZAD, we were able to avoid using distracting display formats on mobile devices and achieve a higher monetisation rate.”

Heiko Hubertz, CEO Whow Games GmbH 

How it looks

Example integration of a KWIZZAD within an app or website

The button below is updated live from our demo ad database. It is a fully working KWIZZAD web integration. This example integration was done, from scratch, in under 30 minutes. This even includes the extra time spent on writing the CSS to customize the look&feel.

Yes, it is that simple!

To try it out, just click or tap the ad below.

How to integrate Kwizzad into your website or app

Small effort. Huge results—the integration of our KWIZZAD SDK is unimaginably simple.

Check out our GitHub repository for detailed information on how to use KWIZZAD SDK in your application. We have packages for

Should you have any further questions, get in touch with us! We will get back to you immediately and work to solve any and all issues. 

package com.mycompany.example;
import com.kwizzad.Configuration;
import com.kwizzad.Kwizzad;
public class ExampleApplication extends Application {
    public void onCreate() {
            new Configuration.Builder()
                .apiKey("your api key as received from the KWIZZAD publisher integration team")