Release date: 08.09.2016
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Strong brand engagement for advertisers and highest CPMs for publishers

Berlin, 08/09/2016 – TVSMILES, the award-winning pioneer in mobile native advertising,

has expanded its business model and has launched a new product for advertisers and app publishers. KWIZZAD is the only ad platform that transforms classic advertising campaigns into a native, gamified ad format. Through the use of KWIZZAD, both advertisers and publishers benefit from numerous advantages, while offering users a higher entertainment value due to the quiz-based nature of advertising campaigns.

With the launch of the new ad platform KWIZZAD, publishers are now able to seamlessly integrate TVSMILES‘ successful, quiz-based advertising format directly into their own apps. TVSMILES is therefore redefining digital advertising, and offers both advertisers and publishers a more effective method to reach their goals in the mobile age.

Average Time Spent with Brand of 3 Minutes 

The implementation of quiz-based advertising results in a significant increase of ad interaction, bringing the average length of direct brand engagement up to 3 minutes. Furthermore, through integration into TVSMILES’ own native app, as well as in those of its launch partners, KWIZZAD offers a monthly reach of over 10 million unique users from the get-go - as well as offering comprehensive user-insights and unlimited targeting options.

What's more, due to precise guidelies and solid vetting of all of our publishers, KWIZZAD can guarantee all campaigns are played out only through the highest quality advertising environments. Additionally, advertisers will also benefit from zero fraud-risk due to the multi-step quiz process that can only be completed by genuine human traffic.

“At Deichmann, we saw a very positive outcome from the advertising effect of the quiz-ad format,” noted Thorsten Hennig, Head of Online Marketing & Social Media at Deichmann SE in Essen, Germany. “We were especially convinced by the 3 minutes of time spent with the brand. We are looking forward to working with TVSMILES more in future!”

The Best Alternative to Full Screen Interstitials or Video-based Advertising Formats

KWIZZAD guarantees app-publishers the highest CPMs on the market. Due to the quiz-based advertising format, user familiarity and acceptance increases resulting in higher brand interaction, which in-turn leads to a markedly higher conversion rate. Therefore, the profitability of each individual ad flight vastly increases, allowing partners to minimise advertising output. The result is a better user experience in each respective publisher’s app Press Release and a significant reduction in churn rates. Each quiz-based advertisement is played out over the same ad space as conventional full-screen interstitials or video formats. Furthermore,

thanks to the streamlined software development kit, KWIZZAD can be integrated easily and quickly in order for publishers to immediately monetise their users. KWIZZAD’s developers already have vast experience in the playout of high-value advertising campaigns: Since 2013,

TVSMILES has delivered over 6,000 quiz-based ad campaigns, including virtually all top brands. To facilitate KWIZZAD’s successful launch, TVSMILES has partnered with stanwood and Whow Games GmbH. stanwood is a German publisher of mobile applications that alongside their own portfolio – develops apps for companies such as ProSiebenSat.1 and Condé Nast. KWIZZAD will shortly be integrated into stanwood’s app ON AIR; an AGOF-listed television guide that boasts over 800,000 active users in Germany alone. Alongside this, Heiko Hubertz, Founder and CEO at Whow Games GmbH, has already integrated KWIZZAD into one of his products. “For us, KWIZZAD arrived at a strategic point in time, right when we were looking for a more intelligent solution to our advertising space”, said Hubertz. “With KWIZZAD, we are able to avoid distracting display formats on mobile devices and achieve a markedly higher monetisation rate.”

“We look forward to expanding the business model of TVSMILES through the KWIZZAD platform and to being able to offer both advertisers and publishers alike an exciting advertising format with which they can achieve a higher monetisation rate and stronger brand engagement”, noted TVSMILES CEO and Founder Christian Heins. “Nothing will change for TVSMILES users, the app will continue to exist in the same, popular form.“ 

TVSMILES is an exhibitor at dmexco 2016 in Cologne, where it will officially introduce KWIZZAD. The stand will be located in hall 7/A052.


KWIZZAD is a product of TVSMILES GmbH, the award-winning pioneer in mobile native advertising. KWIZZAD is the only ad platform that transforms conventional advertising campaigns into native, gamified advertising; its streamlined SDK allows other applications to seamlessly implement TVSMILES’ famous quiz mechanics directly into their product. For advertisers, KWIZZAD maximises average interaction times, bringing time spent with each advertised brand up to 3 minutes. At the same time, KWIZZAD guarantees the highest CPMs for publishers, relying on its playable advertising format to encourage higher and more effective user interaction, leading to higher conversion rates. In line with this, KWIZZAD also offers automatic protection against fraud in every campaign played out over the platform due to the quiz based nature of the product. TVSMILES was founded in 2013. With its headquarters in Berlin, the team currently comprises 50 members of staff.



TVSMILES GmbH was launched with the intention of redefining the world of digital advertising. And after the success of the TVSMILES mobile app, in August 2016 we officially launched our second product: KWIZZAD.

With KWIZZAD, we are defining the future of digital advertising. We are taking the experience of our quiz-based advertising format and offering this to publishers via our own SDK, so that any digital publisher can benefit from our unique advertising platform.

TVSMILES GmbH was founded in Berlin in 2013. To date, we have prepared and delivered over 6,000 campaigns for numerous, internationally-renowned brands and employ a team of over 50 members of staff.